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Patrician Brothers Novitiate
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Midway City, CA 92655
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Brothers of St. Patrick (F.S.P.) 

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Brothers:  Benedict, Aquinas, Philip, Matthew, Alphonus and Kevin
September 2006

  Mission Statement

We Patricians, inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, rise to proclaim His option for the poor. We hold all of creation to be holy and worthy of reverence. Its song of praise is spoiled only by sin. We dedicate ourselves to restore right relationships to our world by compassion and action for justice.

     Like Daniel Delany, we refuse to separate our faith from life. Through life-giving Brotherhood and prayer, we strive for a union of hearts and minds which will transform us and lead us to witness and service. We set ourselves firmly against whatever may cause injustice. We tend to the marginalized and in so doing, glorify our Creator-God.

     We resolve to carry forward the enduring educational initiatives of our forebears and the newer ministries of our apostolate. But we will test them all, for their benefit to the poor and for justice' sake. Wherever we are, we will promote wholeness, welcome and self-worth.

     As the future unfolds, our hope remains secure. Because our call is for service, we are ready to venture, risk, even fail, that some good might take hold, that some hope might be shared and that the poor might have their voices heard.

Listen to the voice deep within as it calls you to Come and Serve. Do you feel ready to to consider this challenging though rewarding way of life?
The Patrician Brothers have missions in Ireland, India, USA, Australia, Kenya
and Papua New Guinea.  We encourage men from all ethnic and
racial groups to consider becoming a member of our Order.
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 “In the early days of the nineteenth century, the torch of faith burned uncertain among the people of Ireland.  Decades of penal restrictions had failed to extirpate the people’s faith, but ignorance of the principles of religion caused great anxiety among the hierarchy of the country.  Dr. Delany, bishop of the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin, saw an opportunity in the relaxation of the Penal Laws to arrest the evil.  Wishing to impart a knowledge of the principles of religion to the people of his diocese, he formed a group of catechists at Tullow, Co. Carlow,.  Under his direction these zealous young men devoted their time on Sundays to the instruction of the laity, both juvenile and adult.  To insure continuity in their work, the bishop formed from these catechists the nucleus of a religious congregation of Brothers. 

     Appropriately, the servant of God who had a fervent devotion to the Blessed Sacrament placed the congregation under the special protection of the Sacred Heart and under the patronage of the Blessed Mother and of St. Patrick.  Succeeding generations of Brothers have endeavored to develop in the minds of those confided to their care a tender devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, to the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Mother. 

     Primarily an active congregation, the Brothers view as their highest goal God’s honor and glory by the proper employment of the talents He has given them.  To this end they follow a way of life that obligates them to the perpetual observance of the vows of celibacy, poverty, and obedience, and a rule of life having the approbation of the Holy See.  Joining action to contemplation, the Brothers dedicate themselves to the particular end of their vocation which is the Christian education of youth. 

     From lowly beginnings the congregation spread throughout Ireland.  Animated by that zeal that fired their holy founder, the Brothers extended their work of spiritual and educational endeavor to foreign lands.  The call for help in extending Christ’s kingdom came from Madras, India in 1870 and the Brothers responded.  Today, they conduct schools and orphanages in India. 

     In 1880, the land of Southern Cross beckoned, and the Brothers established their first foundation in Sydney.  Other foundations in the new commonwealth followed.  India and Australia are now provinces with novitiates and houses of formation. 

    In 1961 the Brothers opened their first foundation in Africa, followed subsequently by another establishment.  In more recent years, the Brothers have entered on real pioneering work in mission lands, establishing in New Guinea where in addition to the teaching apostolate, social agricultural and technical skills are fostered and developed in another of the newly emerging nations. 

     It was not until 1948 that the Brothers made their first foundation in America.  This was in Santa Monica, California, followed later by other establishments.  As well, the Brothers have established a Novitiate for American aspirants who have graduated from high school. 

The Patrician Brothers - California

"Travelling along Bolsa Avenue in Midway City (a small enclave in west Orange County) one may notice the sign 'The Brothers of Saint Patrick, Novitiate'. The short explanation of this notice is that the Brothers of St. Patrick are an Irish Congregation, established in 1808 by Bishop Daniel Delany for the purpose of helping the poor and educating youth. Over time the Brothers established several houses in Ireland. Responding to numerous invitations from abroad, they answered the call in many parts of the world. Today you can find our Brothers in India, Australia, Kenya, the United States and New Guinea. The Brothers' first foundation in the United States was in Santa Monica in 1948. After that another opening was made in Los Angeles.

Ever since their coming to the United States, the Brothers have had as their principal aim the education of youth. More recently, other areas where youth and the poor can be served have involved the Brothers in Campus Ministry, Counseling and Parish Ministry.

Today we see the pressing need to provide our youth with a sound, solid Christian education, and we invite men, preferably in the 20-30 age bracket, to ponder the idea of dedicating their lives to serving God and youth in this calling. We also invite readers of this to join us in fervent prayer to God to send labourers into His vineyard to aid the church and the Brothers in a combined effort to spread the good news.

Potential candidates coming to us get the feel of this kind of life by following a schedule of daily prayer, study and self-appraisal. Some months after entering, they begin the Novitiate training, which lasts for two years. During this time emphasis is placed on dedication to God and the vows of the consecrated life and of all the requirements of such a life is made. Great emphasis is placed on the role of prayer, on the study of scripture and doctrine, and all the factors necessary for true community living.

Following the two years of the Novitiate, the candidate takes the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience annually for a period of at least five years. Then the Brother takes final vows if he really feels that this is God's will for him.

During the time of temporary vows, the Brother pursues college courses as needed. He will be expected to obtain bachelor's and master's degrees.

We cordially invite prospective candidates who may be considering giving their lives to God's service and that of youth to look into this mode of life with us.

We also invite the prayers of all - young and old - to join with us in daily prayer that God will call many labourers into His vineyard to aid us in that most indispensable of works - the education of youth and of aiding the poor. What better way could there be to serve God and country? "

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Bro. Aquinas Cassin
P.O. Box 116,
Midway City,
California 92655, U.S.A.
Phone: 714 - 897 8181
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Los Angeles
Patrician Brothers,
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Midway City
St. Patrick's Novitiate,
P.O. Box 116,
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California 92655, U.S.A.
Phone: 714 - 897 8181
Fax: 714 - 898 9020


Young men interested in the life and wishing to labor with youth at the high school level should apply for further details to: 

Director of Vocations

7820 Bolsa Avenue

Midway City, CA 92665

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