cresteng190 Brothers of St. Patrick
California Monastery

Patrician Brothers Novitiate
7820 Bolsa Ave
Midway City, CA 92655
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Novitiate of the Brothers of St. Patrick
7820 Bolsa Ave.
Midway City, CA 92655












Snack Bar


Cottage & Lawn


Sunroom & Den


West Lawn & Stage




South Field Parking

200-250 vehicles

FACILITIES:  Six acre park like setting only one mile from 405 FWY and Beach Blvd.   Chapel may only be used for Catholic ceremonies and weddings.  Those wishing to use the Chapel for wedding must obtain permission from their parish pastor.  Other facilities may be used for secular events. 

LARGE GROUPS:  For large groups including Wedding Receptions and Quinceaneras, please contact the Facilities Director.

DEPOSITS:  When you make your reservation, you will be required to pay a non-refundable facility reservation deposit.  The cleaning/damage deposit is refundable-see page 2.

RETREATS:  Groups are responsible for providing their own Priest and speakers.

FOOD & KITCHEN:  Food should be eaten outside.  Subway Sandwich Shop is located at Beach and Bolsa for groups wishing to purchase lunch.  The Novitiate kitchen may be rented for $100 per day with a $75 refundable cleaning deposit.  Commercial refrigerators are rented for $25 per day.

ALCOHOLAlcohol may be served.  If you will be selling alcohol, a non-profit group must obtain a daily license permit from the State of California ABC – local phone is 714-558-4101.  We will provide user with map of Novitiate.  If you are NOT a non-profit group, you must employ a caterer who will obtain a permit to sell alcohol.  

INSURANCE:  SOME users will need insurance-groups over 200, use of alcohol-check with office for other requirements.  User is responsible for providing their own insurance coverage.  We require the name of the insurance carrier and the policy number.

SECURITYUser agrees to conduct its activities and to supervise and control it participants in all ways consistent with the primary use of said facilities as a Novitiate and to prevent use or conduct which would interfere in any respect with the religious status and use of the property.

MUSIC OR SOUND AMPLIFYING EQUIPMENT:  The volume of sound audible on the grounds and outside each building will not interfere with the public’s right to quiet enjoyment of their property. This is not only a matter of consideration for others, it is the law.  Music MUST be turned down if neighbors complain.

SUPERVISION:  Children must be supervised by adult members of your group. User understands and accepts it has full responsibility for safely and appropriately setting up all equipment, marking the site, and for all other activities necessary for staging the event.  NO skateboarding or bicycle riding on property.

RESTROOMS:  There are five public restrooms on the property.  Groups having more than 200 attendees will be required to provide additional portable toilets at one per additional 50 attendees.

PARKING:  South Field may be used for parking and will accommodate 400 to 500 vehicles.  User understands and accepts it has full responsibility for all security measures necessary for the safety of all those involved in the event including, but not limited to, parking lot safety, crowd control, and participant and spectator safety.

CLEANING AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT: When you make your reservation, you will be required to pay a refundable cleaning and damage deposit. For your protection, you should make a pre-event inspection of the premises and notify the Facility Supervisor of any problems that might later affect your refund. The following are required for you to receive your refund:

Your group will be responsible to report to the Novitiate Office any damage incurred while using the building or buildings and for the repair of (in consultation with the Novitiate Properties Ministry) or for the cost of repairing any damage done while your group is using the building or buildings.

Your group is responsible to clean up after use of facilities. Below is a list of specific things that are required to be done by all groups using the facilities.

1. The vacuum will be run as needed to clean the carpet.

2. The kitchen is to be cleaned, if used, as needed. Make sure the counters, sinks, ranges, floor, utensils, etc, are clean.

3. The bathrooms are to be cleaned as needed.

4. The toilets are to be checked and flushed following the meeting. They are also to be cleaned if needed.

5. Chairs and tables are to be cleaned off and returned to their respective positions.

6. Garbage is to be placed outside in trash containers.

7. Your group is responsible to bring and to use its own disposable napkins, plates, bowls, silver ware, cups, etc. If any of the churches utensils are used, they are to be washed and put back where they belong.

8. Please be energy conscience. It’s quite expensive to heat/cool and light our buildings. So turn off any lights not in use. If there is a problem with the heating/cooling system, please report it to the Novitiate Office immediately.

FAILURE TO FOLLOW ANY OR ALL OF THE RULES LISTED will result in a partial or no refund. If there is physical damage to the building, grounds, or its furnishings and equipment, your deposit will be retained until the cost of repair and/or replacement can be determined and deducted from your deposit. If the cost of repair and/or replacement exceeds the deposit, such additional sum shall be immediately due and payable.           


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Click Here for Reservation Contract in pdf format.  You can fill out online and print.